Maintain Me is happy to announce a featured success story for the month of April. I was referred to Ruth from Physician Health Partners, and one afternoon had received a call from Ruth's son Don. Don had shared with me that he was the primary caregiver for his mother Ruth and was tired and experiencing guilt and shame since he was struggling to take care of his mother the way she truly needed. He was unable to live his life and felt stuck since he did not want to choose between the two. I explained to him this is the story of many families and its time to put our heads together to make sure both him and Ruth's needs were being met.

Ruth was struggling to make change and feared loosing her son if she agreed to move. After several family meetings and addressing fears on each side Ruth had agreed to look into options. It was only a week before Don had found a place he felt could take care of his mother the way she deserved. Ruth liked the place because she would have her own room and was still able to get help when she needed it. With both happy about the facility the decision was made.

Don followed up by emailing Maintain Me " we are extremely relieved and not able to thank you enough for your support and help".

There is so many feelings of shame and guilt when unable to care for our loved ones. This shame and guilt is so hard to overcome and the bravest thing you can do as a caregiver is ASK FOR HELP!

Thank you Ruth and Don for allowing us to be part of your new chapter!