Maintain Me is happy to announce a featured success story for the month of May. I received a call one day from Stephanie, social worker at Lutheran, asking me to follow up with the daughter of a wonderful woman named Mitzi. Mitzi was forgetful and therefore relied on her daughter to help with most things and when I reached out her I discovered that this was not Mitzi's first rodeo. Mitzi was already living in an assisted living however wanted to be in a place she could relate more to others and that would push her to be her best. 

Often times people are treated as a diagnosis and this is what was happening in Mitzi's case. Although Mitzi had dementia she was still able to be her and wanted to be treated so. 

Mitzi's daughter and I had toured several facilities looking for the right place to help Mitzi Maintain her highest cognitive function through her disease progression and Maintain Me is happy to announce that we found just the place. 

Mitzi's strength and bravery when recognizing she can be MORE than her diagnosis was so inspiring and Maintain Me is so thankful to have been part of her new chapter!