Written by Morgan (Transition Director)

I met Kurt and his wife after Kurt had a serious fall that required him to be admitted to the hospital. Their nephew was scared, and was not sure where to turn for help. The social worker in the Emergency Department, gave Kurt's nephew my card. He called right away. We were able to get emergency home care set up, so that Kurt's wife would not be alone at home without him.  After a time, Kurt was released home from rehab, (after his hospital stay), and we all sat down together to talk about options. It was pretty hard for Kurt and his wife, as we could all imagine. But their nephew told me, that after we had left, they said they felt comforted. Not long after we met, Kurt's wife had an emergency and ended up in the hospital herself. Again, because life does not care about your plans, we had an emergent situation on our hands. I was able to arrange respite care for Kurt, at a community of their liking within 24 hours of their call, on the weekend. Kurt was able to be safe and comfortable as his wife recovered. Not too long after Kurt got settled, his wife was able to join him at the community! They signed the lease on their new apartment. They are together with all the help they need to stay as independent as possible, maintaining who they are as a couple and as individuals. They will celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary this Saturday. 
Maintain-Me does not only do placement and case managment, we can help with respite services as well!