Maintain Me is happy to announce a featured success story for the month of August. We would love to express our gratitude for Stephanie at Lutheran Medical Center and how honored we are to be considered a partner in helping a family member!

A lot of seniors and families have already taken the scary leap of leaving what once was their home and creating a new home. What we forget is that some of our seniors are having to make this transition more than once. Loren was one of those seniors. Change is hard and having to transition more than once is even harder.

Stephanie rose up to her responsibility in helping her senior loved one find a new home when his condition became too acute for his previous living situation. Being a power of attorney is a lot of work that is often accompanied by fear in making the wrong descision. With Stephanie's persistence and dedication, it was not long before she found a new place that she thought would suite her loved one!

Loren moved in and it did not take long for him to take pride in his new home. Stephanie did it! Loren loved his new place and is now closer to family. His new home is confident they can provide for him for the remainder of his life, and although the change was scary, it had a happy ending!

Thank you Loren and Stephanie for allowing Maintain Me to be part in your new chapter. May any change that you are faced with have a happy ending!