Readmission Prevention 

By Kelli Squire

I was lucky to have attended Colorado Readmissions Summit last week.  It was wonderful to see a great group of people from the healthcare industry coming together to discuss and learn best practices so we can better educate, coach and empower our patients and their familes when we're not there.  This is my brief summary from the 7 hour conference.

Discharge with Dignity:

  • Meet the person and family at their level, stop and listen to understand their longterm goals.  Understand the family as a whole. Understand the BIG picture.
  • Set up proper expectations.  Be transparent and honest.  Have a communciation plan.
  • Get a good social history, look for possible fall through, serve as the hub for communication.
  • Teach and coach a set of skills that empowers them to help themselves.
  • Partner with quality organizations and resources that put the individual and family first.
  • Have a "NEVER DISCHARGE" philosophy.