Avista Hospital and How They Take Pride in the Community!

By Chelsea Sweeney, RN

Kelli and I had the privilege to go to Avista Hospital for a breakfast to learn all about their system and how much they care about the community. A perfect example of how important the community is to Avista is the fact this breakfast was hosted and ran by Dennis Barts, CEO of the hospital. 

In this meeting we we able to learn about how Avista and Centura are engaged in the community as well as all the different programs and sites they have to serve their people. We met such amazing people that were engaged in this meeting such as Chris, the manager of Case Management, Lizabeth, Manager of Provider Relations, a couple practitioners and many others that serve Centura and its community.

Thank you so much for the invite Chris.

For those of you interest in learning more about Avista hospital and all that Centura offers as a system, we have provided multiple links and information pulled straight from their website.