I had the privilege of meeting the CEO & Founder at Climate & Culture Connection (CCC) last night at one of my favorite women's group. I have to tell you that her story was enough to motivate anyone to follow their dreams. KellyAnne has taken her life experiences, educated herself, then overcame and has now created multiple programs to help others do the same. Whether its about finding your WHY, setting intentions or creating the perfect business to match the lifestyle you desire, she has created the resources people need to save the many years that she put in during her self discovery. 

I spoke with a couple of the women after KellyAnne spoke, here is just a little about what they said about the experience or how they felt after...

"It was so inspirational"
"It was a beautiful realization into the choices I have for my future"
"I felt like the sky was the limit and its time to start living like it"
"Transformative, inspiring, mind enhancing, soul nurturing"
"It was very inspiring and great to be able to share our goals in a supportive and non judgmental way!"

Do yourself a favor and check out CCC and discover the possibilities you have within you just waiting to be freed!

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