I was contacted one day by a daughter of a lovely elder couple in search for an assisted living facility for her father. After getting to know her and her parents situation further, we discovered she was about to make a mistake in next steps for her parents due to the information she had gathered elsewhere. Although her situation WAS TRULY unique this is something that Maintain Me has problem solved before.

The daughter's mother was requiring a lot of services and was asked to leave her assisted living. The daughter was told that her father could stay however her mother was requiring too much care for them to handle and really needed a nursing home level of care.  The daughter had thought she had found her mother a place and wanted to move her father to an assisted living closer to her.

This is when I educated her that there was no need to separate them and pay for two levels of care. The daughter was quoted  $9,000 a month for nursing home for mom and the average assisted living in the area she desired was $4000 for dad equaling $13,000 a month!!!! I told her the we could find a place where they both can go and would only pay $7,000 at an all inclusive price.

The daughter and I toured the facility I was educating her about and she fell in love. Mom and dad are now together in a place they can stay until death do them part and the daughters work is 10 mins away so she can visit whenever she pleases. 

Maintain Me is so happy to have been part in helping this family stay together. The daughter feels great about her decision and believes she did what was best for her parents. It is so hard being a decision maker, we look forward to getting the opportunity to help other families make these transitions easier so they can just focus on loving their parents!