There have been times in the past where I have had trouble describing all the possible help that can be provided to a family when they hire Maintain Me as their case managers. But I recently coined a term in conversation with a friend, 'It's like, they are my adopted grandparents" I said describing my client meeting for that day. (Of course without giving any personal information.) 

A light went on for me! That is it, that is a great way to describe what we can do! These particular clients live in town, but their families all live out of state. They received my information from the social worker at their doctor's office. 

I have been able to get them home care in place, help them devise a plan and tasks for their home care providers, accompany them to doctor appointments, and all the while keeping their families in the loop after each one of my home visits. 

Every day I spend with them, I get to know more about them and their remarkable lives, and I take great joy in this. The goal at Maintain Me Senior Services is to meet our clients where they are at, not push any hidden agendas.


We offer private pay case management in addition to our transition services because this is what our clients need us to provide for them. 


Morgan Leigh Jenkins, MA

Transition Director