Brave & Courageous Jean

Thank you Heather with PHP and Mary Beth at Centers at Northridge.

I recently was introduced to a lovely lady named Jean* who had recently been admitted to rehab after a fall and identified infection. Her two sons were in the process of looking into more care at home and identifying when that is no longer an option. Maintain Me often gets involved early on to help keep seniors in their home and be prepared if that ever becomes to much. 

The family, like most families, were struggling to get all the resource information they need while also juggling full time jobs and working the primary hours when these companies are open. One of the son's even lived out of town and had flown in to try to help his brother while he was working. Due to the limited time and family being all together we were able to meet on a Saturday to make sure both brothers were available. 

While at the rehab, I completed a medical, financial and social assessment on Jean. Her results were one of many. 

There are two different reasons a senior may transition to senior living. One being that they are needing more care and they functionally are unable to care for themselves the way they used to. This could be bathing, dressing, showering, incontinence care, medication management, and so on. This is a common reason to transition and is very understandable. Its when the functional part is intact yet the financial situation is not, that it becomes more challenging.

Now don't get me wrong, Jean was not by any means broke, which is where the misconception lies. She had a beautiful home, social security, savings, and her and her husband had done all that they needed to set her up in life had she never needed any care. 

One thing that Maintain Me does is make sure that the senior is set up for life. Make sure that families and seniors know ALL options and can financially plan for the future as they age and require more help. 

Jean would only last 2 years with care if she decided to received the type of hours she needed to be safe. This was a BIG SHOCKER and VERY HARD TO HEAR. There are wonderful programs for seniors like Jean therefore I educated the family of how we can transition her into a nice facility that she would be able to get 24/hour care and then stay there for the rest of her life due to us planning ahead. 

I wasn't sure what Jean and her family were going to choose but I left them that Saturday with every bit of information they needed to make an informed and confident decision. They called me the next day stating they want to make sure they set Jean up to live a life where she can get all the care she needs and never have to worry about not having the money to do so. 

I could go on an on about this transition and the bravery Jean had to make a decision to leave home and find a home that she can properly age in place. It was a scary change and she graciously shared her fears and held my hand as we addressed each one through the process. Jean is now in her new place, she has care in the areas she needs and is respected in the areas she would like to remain independent. As she needs more care it will not cost her anymore to be there and if she were to ever run out of money, she could stay there til end of life. Jean and I will be sharing a coffee together in a week or so as she gets settled in and I cant wait to see her smiling face again. 

***Names have been changed for privacy of our clients. 


Chelsea Sweeney, RN

 Maintain Me

Senior Placement Services