The New Year is all about resolutions. Make yours easy and keep it simple!

Staying active is important. A study at Hebrew University Medical Center and Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School reported that seniors who do any amount of exercise appear to live longer and have a lower risk of disability. In addition, the benefits associated with physical activity were seen not only in individuals who maintained an existing level of physical activity, but also in those who began exercising between ages 70 and 85. So it’s never too late!

Socialization is still a key to healthy aging. Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers found evidence that elderly people in the U.S. who have an active social life may have a slower rate of memory decline. In fact, memory decline among the most sociable was less than half the rate among the least sociable. Previous studies have also shown that people with many social ties have lower mortality rates.


Denver and surrounding areas has a rich network of both social and physical senior activities. Both Denver Parks & Recreation as well as the YMCA have tons of amazing options.


Chorus group, technology classes, wood carving, and so many more. In addition, yoga, cardio, and classes oriented for specific diseases such as Parkinson’s are offered. And there are multiple day trips and luncheons that are less than $10 to attend. Most recently Denver Parks & Recreation has launched, MY Denver PRIME, a new program that provides residents ages 60 and older with FREE access to Denver’s recreation centers and pools, including drop-in fitness classes and clubs, beginning on January 2, 2018.
Don’t forget to reach out to Independent Living Communities near you. They typically offer great classes and events for non-residents.