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We Represent An Industry on the Rise

For the first time ever, Placement and Referral agents and agencies have organized from around the country to create an Alliance to make some needed changes. 

The senior assisted living placement and referral industry is over 25 years old; yet there are many people who are unaware of this specialty. A placement and referral professional assists seniors and their families in securing quality independent, assisted, residential and memory care living.

The NPRA focus's on the following key components:

Families Have Rights/Family Choice

“Only an informed choice, is a good choice.”
Most families searching for senior care or housing are generally under immense time restraints and stress.Often a family will turn to the internet to research their available options, including price and services provided.
Too many times, they click the ‘submit’ button and unknowingly commit to an ‘implied contract’
NPRA believes by clicking a ‘submit’ button on an ‘information only’ website should not eliminate:
A family’s right to be represented by an agent of their choice
A family’s right to their own personal information
A family’s right of rescission of “services.” Agents For A Fair MarketplaceOur driving force is to establish fair business practices. Better services for the consumer through partnerships, innovation and public policy.

National Best Practices & Code of Ethics

Create a strong foundation for a viable industry.
We believe that unified standards can make our industry stronger. Our Best Practices and Code of Ethics work alongside our members and sponsors to develop and maintain those industry standards.

To Join or Learn More about how you can NPRA visit