Creative storytelling helps you connect with seniors with dementia. Finding different ways to connect with seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia is a constant challenge.

But a free program called TimeSlips is helping seniors and caregivers have fun together. They have a variety of fun conversation and activity suggestions on their website.

One of their activities uses fun images to inspire creative stories. This allows seniors with dementia to use their creative side and enjoy an activity with no right or wrong answers. This way, they can express themselves without feeling any pressure or expectations.

TimeSlips helps seniors with dementia have fun with their imagination
TimeSlips is a free website that helps caregivers and seniors get creative and tell stories.

Using a fun image and the optional questions, ask your senior their thoughts about the photo. Their response begins the story! This process engages their imagination and creates a fun story for you both to enjoy.

Give them plenty of time to talk about the image. If the conversation stops, ask another simple question to keep the story going. You can choose to write the stories down or just talk and enjoy the conversation.

This activity can be done anywhere and keeps you both entertained and engaged. Make the story as short or long as you want. Anything goes as long as your older adult is having fun.

You can also browse stories created by other people check out the screenshots below:


How to use the TimeSlips website
To use the TimeSlips website, you’ll need to sign up for a free account.

After creating your account, choose the “Make Up a Story” activity. You can find it by clicking “Start a Story” on the homepage. Then, in the Creativity Center, click “Make Up a Story.”

Having an account also allows you to write and save the story that you and your older adult create together. You can choose to publish the story publicly to the TimeSlips site or keep it private.

To make it even easier, there’s a helpful video that walks through how the website works and shows how to create a story.

Note: TimeSlips also offers training classes and certification in their storytelling method. Full scholarships are available for family caregivers. 


Create your own DIY story activity
If you don’t want to create an account on TimeSlips, you could use any images you have that might be fun to talk about. You could find pictures in books, magazines, or anywhere online.

Show the image to your older adult and ask a simple question about the image to get the story started.

For example, you could use a picture of your friend’s dog and ask “Where is this dog going?” or “What is this dog’s name?”


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