Papa is a platform that connects senior citizens to college students for fun assistance and a social experience. 

Although Papa is only available in Miami currently it's an interesting idea that we wanted to feature. It seems to be some sort of mix of Uber and They refer to it as "Social Transportation". The service is highly tech based as most new services are but also has a direct line for seniors to call if the web/phone based platform isn't their forte. They boast a simplified process to that can link seniors with qualified assistance faster (under an hour) versus other service providers. The range of services provided can be anything from a ride to the hair salon to assistance with grocery shopping or companion related tasks like computer lessons or playing board games.

 Traditional agencies require minimum hour commitments (daily and weekly) and it can sometimes take days to find a qualified caregiver to even come make introductions. Papa offers short-term assistance, and socialization for seniors with no commitment. All college students or "Papa Pals" are highly vetted and put through a rigorous background check. They get a chance to make some extra cash with a flexible work schedule and bolster their resume with experience of social work and elderly assistance. 

So what do you think? Could you see Boulder buzzing with seniors and their college pals zooming around town?

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