Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to treat your senior loved one to something sweet, special, or both!


4 Thoughtful Gift Ideas sure to put a smile on anyone’s face

  1. Homemade card or craft- This is listed first for a reason! Valentine’s is all about cute, homemade cards. Utilize your kiddos creativity (hands, feet, and beautiful faces) to make something grandma or grandpa is sure to have hanging on their wall well after Valentine’s Day has passed. Here’s a great link for a long- distance Valentine:

  2.  Flowers- This may be cliché but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful vase of fresh flowers. Try a houseplant for something more lasting OR once again monopolize those creative kiddos and make paper flowers. Check out this link for some super cute inspiration:

  3. Sweets- Another cliché perhaps but popular for a reason. A simple box of chocolates would brighten anyone’s day. Beyond the ever popular box of chocolates, try a festively decorated cupcake, OR make something! Homemade baked goods are always a win.

  4. A date- What better way to show you care than spending some quality time? A brunch, lunch, or dinner date is a great way to catch up. If weather permits give yourself enough time to go for a walk afterwards. 

To read more about great gifting and get ideas for tons of festive activities you can do with your elderly Valentine check out this link: