I was recently as a meet and greet with the awesome and dedicated staff at Briarwood Healthcare Center. For those of you not familiar, this rehab and long term care facility is one of the very few that service our Central Denver populations. There are quite a few seniors in that demographic that are below the poverty level. Needless to say, Briarwood does everything possible to meet the needs of its patients and residents. 

So what do they need help with? 

Medical Equipment  
Wheel chairs, walkers, and canes! 

They have a few folks that don't have their own when they get to Briarwood. The patients spend all that time and energy getting stronger and working hard, but in order for them to go home safely, patient's often need to borrow a walker or a wheelchair. These pieces of equipment mostly get returned, but sometimes they end up being "rented out" at the same time!

Briarwood also has long term care residents. These folks live on dollars every month. They know what it means to go without. However, when their care needs change, for example they are too weak to walk, they need equipment to support them. 
Do you know of any used equipment just taking up space? Perhaps in your building or from a dear one that has sadly passed? I will come and get it and deliver it to Briarwood! 
Keep an eye out at garage sales and second hand stores. Give me a tip on where it is, or if it's not too much to ask, buy it, and give someone a hand up. 
It feels really good to give back.
 Thank you!
Morgan Leigh Jenkins, MA
Transition Director
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