Thank you Kristy at Home Helpers for connecting Carol* and her mom with Maintain Me!  Carol's mom was diagnosed with memory loss late 2017 and was beginning to exhibit some very apparent signs and symptoms of dementia.  Carol was the main caregiver and working tirelessly, day and night, to care for her mom.

According to statistics provided by the Alzheimer's Association (2015), about 15.7 million adult family caregivers care for someone who has Alzheimer's disease or other dementia.  Caring for a loved one at home does not always look the same.  Changes happen, needs increase, and burnout is real.  These are some of the things Home Helpers caregivers noticed with Carol's mom and contacted Maintain Me about.  
Carol wanted to prepare for her mom's future care needs while also preserving their relationship as daughter and mother.  We began looking into smaller community settings, also known as residential care homes.  After seeing a few places, Carol was excited about one particular home with approximately 12 residents.  I could see her face light up as soon as we walked into the door.  

Carol had decided and now we were tasked with making sure the move went as smooth as possible.  Carol was concerned that sharing the news of the move with her mom would be negatively received.  With support from Maintain Me, the new residential home, and her mom's doctor, we were able to successfully move Carol's mom into her new home where her care needs will be met with staff specifically trained in dementia care.  

Carol, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you and your mom.  I look forward to seeing your relationship grow as you're now able to focus on connecting while mom's care needs are being met.

Kristi Yakel
Transition Coordinator
Maintain Me

*Names have been changed for patient privacy*