Over the years St. Patty’s Day has become a notoriously rowdy holiday but there are great low key ways to celebrate that don't involve green beer.

  1. Cooking- Corned beef & Cabbage is the obvious go to. It’s easy to prepare in the crock pot and is a super appealing comfort dish for older generations. Don’t skip the opportunity to cook the meal together, who knows, you may be missing out on a great family recipe for Soda Bread.


  1. Storytelling- If your loved one is Irish or not, they are bound to have some great tales of St. Patty’s Day celebrations past. Use the holiday to take a stroll down memory lane, you are sure to get some good stories.


  1. Festive treats- Store bought or homemade, anything green is sure to please. If chocolate is their weakness, buy a green basket, pail, or shamrock hat and fill with gold wrapped candy of your choice such as Werther’s Originals, Ferrero Rocher, Almond- Hershey’s Kisses, or Rolos for a quick and easy "pot of gold" themed treat.


  1. Music- Irish/Celtic music can range from upbeat to slow and melodic, there's something to suit every taste. This is also a great option for those who might suffer from dementia. Music stimulates brain activity, evoking both emotion and memories.

It may be tempting to attend a parade or local festival but be sure to factor in logistics first. Parking, walking long distances, lack of seating, weather, and noise are all factors that could turn a fun outing into a long day for you and your loved one. Instead, check restaurants that offer themed meals AND take reservations. Also, contact local churches and Assisted Living Facilities for events that may cater to an older clientele.