Thank You SCL HH!

I recently had a conference call with a family concerned for their parent's well being here in Colorado. It was tricky to get us all on the line because the family lived in California, the Carolina's, (me in Colorado) and another daughter in Hawaii. 

It was a very productive conversation! 

Mom and Dad were just beginning to realize that they could benefit from more support and were willing to allow me to come into their home for an introduction. The very next day, Dad had to go the emergency room with new onset of an irregular heartbeat and increased weakness. 

All our best pre-planning suddenly became an emergency. Their daughter Nancy was flying in that night. Some crisis can not be avoided even with good planning. I met with Nancy and her mom June, at June's home. I wanted to be supportive, but I also like to be realistic with my clients. June's husband was advanced in age, late stages of dementia, and was having trouble swallowing. 

Our entire conversation was about hospice. Nancy and I assured June we would help her, support her and guide her to granting her husband's final wishes. We laughed, we cried, we made a plan. June was going to chose a hospice, we arranged for a home care team to be at the ready in case he was able to come home, and we also discussed the possibility of Inpatient Hospice. 

The incredible palliative care team at the hospital, along with our intimate conversation, helped June and her husband Paul spend their final days surrounded by the love of their family and wonderful caring children. 

Hospice is a good service. I can not fully express the gratitude I have for the wonderful people who dedicate their work to helping make the end of life peaceful and special. 

Thank you!

Morgan Leigh Jenkins, MA
Transition Director
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