Mother’s Day is all about showing appreciation for Mom. From Gardening to Gifting these are all great ways to not only show her you care but spend quality time too!

Flowers! There are so many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with flowers. You can no doubt purchase a nice arrangement but don’t miss the opportunity to turn flowers into a great Mother’s Day activity.

  • If mom is still at home, you can take a trip to the nursery and get a jump start on the garden beds. Grab some veggies too! Prolific vegetables like squash, cucumbers, peppers, and herbs are something that can be enjoyed all summer!
  • No yard, no problem. Plant custom hanging baskets full of her favorite blooms, don’t be afraid to mix in a pepper or a cherry tomato plant.
  • Create a flower arrangement together. This is a great option if Mom is no longer at home or digging and planting is too physically demanding. Grab and empty vase, maybe some decorative rocks for the bottom, and a variety of different blooms. (Trader Joe’s has lot of variety, very affordable, and stocked fresh daily)
  • Faux Flowers are a great choice for crafting. Use them to make a bright spring wreath for her door.

Pampering. Most moms need no excuse to relax, here are some great ideas.

  • Get a Mani/Pedi. Taking mom to get her nails done gives you a great opportunity to relax and chat. Regular foot care/maintenance is a huge priority for seniors too. Foot health tends to decline in seniors from years of walking, working and healing from injuries, poor footwear, poor circulation, a number of diseases, and difficulty properly trimming toenails due to impaired vision or mobility.
  • Housecleaning. If mom is still at home she will no doubt appreciate the treat of spring cleaning on you. You can do the cleaning yourself or hire a professional company to come in, whichever fits your budget.
  • Treat her to a meal out. Sunday Brunch is a fun excuse for mom to get out and get dressed up. 

Gifts. Trying to come up with gift ideas for parents can be a challenge. As our parents’ age they seem to literally have everything. Try making up a custom gift basket filled with the things she loves.

  •  Movie Night theme with DVD’s, popcorn, favorite candy, and hot chocolate/soda. Maybe even a cozy blanket.
  • Game theme with Adult coloring books, colored pencils, crosswords, and a pretty puzzle.
  • Relaxation theme with some cozy slippers, tea, and scented lotions.