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Thank you PHP!

When I begin working with a new client, I can never be certain of the outcome.  Sometimes, days turn into weeks; weeks turn into months.  As one prepares for a new journey in life, especially at the end of life, challenges present in all varieties from physical to medical to family to financial and so much more.  I can be certain in one thing though and that's the confidence in knowing I will be here for you and your loved one along this ride.  

Making the decision to move a loved one is difficult and pulls at heart strings all the while combating logic.  It is easy to put off moving a loved one.  It is easy to exhaust every avenue all the while exhausting yourself.  The challenge comes when faced with crisis and needing to make that difficult decision in a moment.   

My dear client, Kay, was "living the good life" in her daughter's home, receiving good care, and being stimulated through a day center program almost everyday of the week.  Her struggle was with dementia.  Kay's family was not ready to move her although they knew they were nearing the need for a decision.  

After many, many months, ongoing conversations, and touring different residential settings, a crisis occurred and now her family had to act fast.  Thankfully, Kay's daughter had the utmost confidence in one of the residential homes and felt that was the best fit for her mom.  She had toured many months prior to this crisis and was able to make a decision quickly and with ease.  

At Maintain Me, we strive to help our clients and their families begin this process early, so if faced with a crisis, they are prepared to take action. Thank you to Kay and her family for allowing Maintain Me to help in this time of need and be by your side in making a difficult decision.

Thank you!

Kristi Yakel, LSW
Case Manager
Maintain Me