We encourage you to take the Purple Pledge to support the 47 million people worldwide who are living with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.

You can also join us in Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month as we celebrate The Longest Day, a sunrise-to-sunset event symbolizing the challenging journey of those living with Alzheimer's and their caregivers. To learn more about The Longest Day or to start a team, contact us at wvinfo@alz.org or call our 24/7 Helpline at 800.272.3900.

Ideas to Celebrate Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month
Go Purple

  • Go purple at your school or office! Encourage your coworkers or students to wear purple on Monday, June 20.  
  • Decorate your break room or common area in purple. Hang some streamers and balloons. If you need some Alzheimer's Association posters, contact us at 800.272.3900. 
  • Post facts about Alzheimer's disease at your workplace to raise awareness. We can provide you with fact sheets on the ten warning signs, how to be a healthy caregiver and more. Request fact sheets by emailing wvinfo@alz.org or by calling 800.272.3900. 
  • Go Casual for a Cause and wear purple. Everyone loves a casual work day! Host a Casual for the Cause day on Monday, June 20 by ordering Casual for a Cause stickers and selling them for $5 to your coworkers. Contact Kaarmin Ford at kford@alz.org or 800.272.3900 to purchase your stickers today. Make sure to post your purple on social media using the hashtags #GOPURPLE and #ENDALZ. Don't forget to tag us in your Twitter and Instagram posts, @fightalzwv.


Host your own event
Do you like to entertain? Put the mission into your meal by holding a dinner to make a difference. Host a dinner party and ask your guests to donate what they would have spent on a night out on the town to the Alzheimer's Association. Call the Alzheimer's Association, West Virginia Chapter for a toolkit to put the mission into your meal. You can also check out our Brain Healthy Menu.

Praise in Purple
Church families are often an important source of comfort and support for families facing Alzheimer's disease. On Sunday, June 19, encourage your congregation to wear purple for Alzheimer's awareness. Make sure to post your purple using the hashtags #GOPURPLE and #ENDALZ and tag @fightalzwv in your Twitter and Instagram posts.
Make a 67 second moment of silence in honor of those currently facing and who have faced Alzheimer's disease, because every 67 seconds someone in the United States receives a diagnosis of Alzheimer's.
Host an education workshop at your church or provide fact sheets for your congregation. To schedule a workshop or get fact sheets and other resources, contact us at wvinfo@alz.org or 800.272.3900. 

 Be sure to visit the official Alzheimer's Association website for more information, support, and resources