Julie was at the Grand Opening of Alumia Institute last night. What an amazing place! 

What is the Alumia Institute?

Alumia Institute brings current research and best practices together to create a brain-centered experience in a social setting for people living with the early stages of dementia. The Alumia Institute campus is a place for learning, growth, and interaction. We provide art, music, nutrition, movement and brain-training activities that attend to the whole person while stimulating cognitive function.

It was founded on the research-supported belief that those in the early stages of dementia can challenge the pace of cognitive decline. Every journey with dementia is different. At Alumia, the journey is guided by the most current research and science and is shared by people who understand.

Alumia Institute
9800 East Geddes Ave, Ste 50
Englewood, Colorado 80112

To learn more about their approach as well as enrollment visit: