When your Friends are Family

I got a call from a very concerned woman. She was helping her friend who had recently been hospitalized for over a month after a surgery to repair deep brain stimulator leads had actually caused a brain bleed. Not only was this gentleman facing a debilitating disease, Parkinson's, now he was forced to overcome the devastating effects of a stroke. 

This friend of my client had studied under him in her professional career, he was her mentor. And they had become very close over the years. Now she was his power of attorney, and was feeling hopeless and helpless, but trying not to show Tom how very worried she was. 

Thankfully, Tom's primary care physician knew about Maintain Me! 

Tom's doctor referred his power of attorney to me. 
I met with Tom, his dear friend, a home care provider, and yet another friend who stood strong at Tom's side. 

This meeting was emotional. Tom frankly said he was ready to sell his home and move to assisted living. He was ready, even though he knew it was hard for his closest "family members" to hear. Tom no longer wanted to wait long hours in between visits. He could not continue to scoot around his home in his office chair on bad days when he legs were too weak to walk. He wanted to move to place where help was always there, and his friends could visit for laughs and jokes--not just trying to make sure his "basic needs" were met. 

Tom has the best sense of humor! He used laughter and humor to pull through adversity. He was grateful to be alive after his stroke, and felt that the best way for him to get back to his photography, cooking, and robust social life was to get more care. 

We found a beautiful home that Tom felt really good about. It was a move made with great strength and dignity, and I feel blessed to have been part of Tom's life during this new chapter. 

Morgan Leigh Jenkins, MA
Transition Director