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Julie Donelan

As a social worker, Julie began her career in case management working for children and adults with developmental delays and/or cognitive concerns, working with Federal, State and local programs.  Through the changes in her personal life, she began advocating for family members as a caregiver through their aging process, including cancer, heart disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The last several years Julie has been navigating various systems, using her background as a liaison, to support a friend who had a life changing stroke through various medical, health and insurance systems. She then took her experience and provided individualized resources for people through the National Stroke Association. Julie comes to Maintain Me with her acceptance and understanding of individuals’ circumstances, providing questions to consider and knowledge they can use to make informed choices.  

We are so excited to add Julie to our Team! She will be handling Central and South East Denver and all Locations Southeast of Hampden. 

She can be reached at (720) 202-8464