I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with a lovely couple who over the years have been separated due to their varying care needs. The family had reached out to Maintain Me thinking that they needed to find separate placement for their parents closer to the children since their care was starting to rise in cost and their needs were becoming more and more. I went out to assess both husband and wife. The gentleman was living in independent living. He was taking care of his kitty, which was his only socialization and companion. He was in a two bedroom and still had his wife's room set up in case she could ever come back. He couldn't recall the last meal he had and his medications were all in need of a refill. This gentleman clearly needed assisted living. Next I assessed his wife. She was the kindest of souls and was waiting for over 30 minutes during our assessment to use the restroom until I had enough and helped her myself. She had a hard time with long term memory however was overall sharp and was able to get to the bathroom with just my help. This little lady was in a locked down memory care unit and why, I did not know. I reached out to the social worker, nurse, CNA and any other personnel that could help me understand why she was in this type of care. NO ONE COULD TELL ME!

I knew this was a case I could truly make a difference!

When I talked with the husband he was saying it was very hard to go see her as she was across the property and it required him to go outside to go over there. This was very dangerous during the cold seasons therefore he only gets to see her when it was nice and he was feeling up for the adventure.

I could go on and on about this case and how wrong placement could truly separate a family and cause failure to thrive however Maintain Me is about solutions. This couple needed to be together in assisted living with an attached memory care in case the wife progressed and needed more care. We started looking right away and there happened to be a place right by the daughters home and within walking distance from her work.

Say no more, we toured and they loved it! This couple moved in this past weekend. They have a one bedroom apartment together, its cheaper than what they were paying before, the husband has medication management, meal prep and kitty got to come too. The wife is back with her lovely husband and whenever she needs additional help he is able to advocate for her! It is hard enough to have to loose your significant other, and loosing them to poor placement is unacceptable.
They are each others better half and together they will thrive!

Chelsea Sweeney, RN
 Maintain Me

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