Walk2Connect features a website with a walking event calendar. You can use search features to find walks located near you.

Walk2Connect is an innovative worker-owned cooperative working to create whole-health walking programs focused on connection to others, to the places we live, and to ourselves. They have thousands of individuals and a growing variety of organizational/governmental partners. Their social enterprise model works hard to help people and communities become healthier and more connected while also advancing awareness on the importance of walkable community design and the pedestrian experience.

What's great about this site is that it goes beyond finding a walking group that is simply close by, there are also detailed descriptions of the walks.
Details include:
- PACE (such as slow and gentle or conversational)
- TERRAIN (paved, gravel, uneven sidewalks)

As well as a description and even pictures of the groups. Such a neat way to get out, stretch your legs, meet new people.

Check out all the walks already scheduled for April!