Thriving Together through the Aging Process

Gene and Joe* have moved a couple times before finding a place they felt comfortable calling home and right when they felt as if all things were settled, the storm hit. Gene was starting to decline and ended up in the hospital for a compression fracture in her back. Before this incident Joe was always her body, while Gene was Joe's brain. They functioned perfectly together. Joe had dementia but was fully functional and Gene always struggled with staying strong but was sharp as a tack. Together they compensated for one another and without one of them the entire thing falls apart. When Gene ended up in the hospital and then to rehab, Joe was being checked in on from their amazing children in hopes to soon get them back together. 

In these type of situations its very common for the senior who has gone from hospital to rehab that they may not return to their previous baseline and that is exactly what happened to Gene. Gene was requiring more care then what her home could provide being an independent living and while Gene was away Joe's dementia started to worsen as he was missing the person who kept his brain functioning to its highest potential. 

They both needed to move and yet had very different care needs. When Maintain Me worked on this case the struggle was finding a big enough space for the two of them as they were coming from a 2 bedroom apartment and yet still get them the personalized care they needed for an affordable rate. That's when we found Rocky Mountain. Rocky Mountain not only has all inclusive care and could gear each persons care plan to their individual needs without effecting cost but it also has a memory care attached in case Joe outlived Gene. Joe would need to have a more secure environment and if he needed it at an given moment now, Gene could walk to the next building to visit. 

This couple was such an amazing couple and I am so happy to help them find a forever home with the help of their amazing children. In this case we knew that staying together equaled success for this couple as that is all they have ever known!

Thank you Gene, Joe and their two lovely children for allowing us to be part of this journey. A big shout out to Lutheran case management team for getting us connected with this family to help them to the level they truly needed!

Chelsea Sweeney, RN
Owner, Maintain Me