When forever takes a turn...

About 7 months ago Maintain Me had the privilege of helping a senior in need of transition due to a bad placement. The gentleman was pretty social and had very little in common with the other residents and needed more social interaction. His amazing daughter was up for the challenge in finding him the best place. There was one thing that was truly challenging about this case. Mike was had recently gone blind and therefore his care needs were starting to increase due to this new change.

Maintain Me found a place for Mike that was small enough to keep him independent but also large enough to offer him more options for socialization. This was the perfect scenario as he was also limited on funds and was going to be able to spend down into a medicaid benefit. We were able to get Mike over to his new home and was excited about our decision. It wasn't until 7 months later that Mike started to have behaviors that was thought to be related to new diagnosis. This is when things really get tough as Mike was already 7 months into his spend down and now needed to find a place that could offer a higher level of care. Maintain Me was so happy to know that Mike's daughter trusted Maintain Me enough to give it another go as his options were extremely limited.

One thing that Maintain Me always focuses on is making sure people are not labeled by their behaviors or diagnoses. Mike deserved to be at a place that would help him through this new challenge and love him through the behaviors. 2 weeks later we were able to find a place just for him who had great ideas on how to do just that. Thank you Mike and a big thank you to your daughter for trusting us with your care and transition needs.

Chelsea Sweeney, RN
Owner, Maintain Me