Daily check in and quote of the day app for people living alone.

While this App may not be for everyone it's a great way technology can help seniors Safe and Independent.

How it Works
Snug is perfect for seniors living alone. The app is simple and easy to understand, no matter how comfortable (or uncomfortable!) one may be with new technology.

  1. Users sign up by providing their name and address, then choosing their emergency contacts and daily check in time.

  2. Snug pings the user at their chosen time every day, prompting them to visit the app to “check in.”

  3. When the user checks in, they receive an inspirational Quote of the Day and the 24 hour timer resets. If the user does not check in, Snug initiates an alert to make sure that they are ok:

  4. For users on the free plan, Snug will send each of your emergency contacts a text message saying that you have missed your check-in.

  5. For users on the Snug Dispatch plan, a Snug dispatcher will call your cell phone and ask if you are alright. If you do not pick up, they will leave a voicemail with a callback number. They will then proceed to call every one of your contacts, in order. If you have not checked-in by 8:15 and the dispatcher does not have confirmation that you are okay, or that one of your emergency contacts will check on you, they will dispatch a wellness check to your last known location.

Download Snug Safety today!
Snug Safety is currently available for iPhone and Android. Search “Snug Safety” in your app store to download today!

Check out their website to learn more