John was 98 when we met him, and he passed away at 101. John was legally blind, but still quite independent, as long as he was in his home. He knew his way around every door way and window. John was a Veteran, and local business owner, he ran a filling station (that no longer exists) miles from my home. He had stories galore! And I treasured my visits with him. When I reached out to John's family to express my condolences, this is what they shared: "It was great to have your help over the last few years. You are the reason he was able to accomplish his wish of being independent and in his own house."John was a remarkable man, and he will be deeply missed.

Not every client can have the opportunity to remain safely in their home, even if it is their ultimate goal. My job was to monitor the safety and well being of John; as he aged in place, if at any point, I feared for him, things may have looked differently. He had the awesome support of Touching Hearts at Home, his family, and the financial resources to maintain his home and the home care that was provided. These are important factors that must be considered. Financial resources help increase the options for someone with increased care needs, but sometimes, moving into assisted living is the only way to make sure one's needs are met comprehensively. These are very personal and sometimes difficult decisions, but Maintain Me will be honest and supportive of all viable options. We are unique in that our goal is not just placement, our goal is to best honor the wishes of our clients and look at all options.

Morgan Leigh Jenkins, MA
Transition Director